Research and Evaluation Projects


Understanding Student Disaffection through the Lens of Alternative Education

This project is focused on describing patterns of academic performance and behavior of students who end up in alternative settings to potentially assist with early intervention.

Study team:  Dr. Gwen Marchand, Christie Gardner, Brenda Pearson

Elementary Student Engagement and Academic Skills

This work was focused on exploring the reciprocal relationships between dimensions of student engagement and academic skill development in elementary school.  This data was collected in partnership with CCSD.

Study team: Dr. Gwen Marchand and Dr. Carrie Furrer (NPC Research)

The Role of Stereotype Threat on Physics Performance

This study focused on identifying if stereotype threat effects exist for women in secondary physics classes and the motivational correlates of the stereotype threat experience.

Study team: Dr. Gwen Marchand and  Dr. Gita Taasoobshirazi

International Study Program for Indoor Environment Research

This interdisciplinary study was a partnership between Educational Psychology and Engineering faculty and students. The research investigated the effects of three indoor environmental factors: comfort, sound, and lighting, on student attention and reading comprehension.

Study team: Dr. Douglas Reynolds,  Dr. Brian Landsberger, Dr. Gwen Marchand, and Stoil Pamoukov

Student Success in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program

This project involved re-analysis of secondary student data comparing student characteristics of AVID to non-AVID participants and examining cohort differences of AVID participants.

Study team: Dr. Gwen Marchand,  Dr. Ordene Edwards, Milan Jelenic

Teachers as Consumers of Research: Cognitive Engagement, Motivation, and Emotion in Learning and Using Research 

This project was designed to help us better understand how student motivation, emotions, and cognitive engagement changes or remains the same over the course of a semester during introductory research methods courses.

Study team: Dr. Gwen Marchand and Dr. Antonio Gutierrez