About Dr. Marchand


Dr. Marchand is an Associate Professor in the UNLV Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education. She is a former Lincy Assistant Professor of Education and a recipient of an APA Division 15 Early Career Award and Lincy Institute Fellowship Award. She received her Ph.D. in Systems Science: Psychology from Portland State University in 2008, with an emphasis in human development, student motivation and engagement, and quantitative research methods. Her current research focuses on the motivational development of students across the educational lifespan and the social and personal factors that influence student engagement.

Dr. Marchand is an active member of the academic community, currently serving as the President of the Southwest Consortium for Innovative Psychology in Education (SCIPIE – www.scipie.org) and the Chair of the American Educational Research Association Division C New Faculty Mentoring Program. She mentors multiple graduate students in the UNLV Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education. Dr. Marchand also serves as a program evaluator for community organizations and on state and federal grants.

Selected Publications

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